"He was an awesome teacher to my two boys! Thanks Richard for teaching both of my boys how to swim. You really are a gifted teacher. Two summers and now they swim like little fish."


"Richard has a special gift working with kids. He helped my scared 3-year-old son feel at ease with his kind demeanor. The one-on-one attention really helped my son focus, not only on learning, but having fun while doing it."

-Daniel's mom

"This is a video of Carter swimming--And just after ONE lesson!" I think you should use this as advertising!



"Rich was the best swim teacher for my 3 kids. He instantly made them feel comfortable with his warmth and humor. Rich came to our home and felt like family. My kids looked forward to swim lessons and learned how to swim correctly, quickly. I was so impressed with his connection with the kids and how he tweaked things slightly and they could become so much more successful. I recommend Rich for anyone trying hoping to have a good swimmer! They won't be good, they will be great!"

​                                                                -Stacey

"Richard Juell was so sweet and patient with my 3-year-old son. My son was afraid to try swimming. In just 2 weeks my little boy could float on his back for at least 10 seconds, flip over and swim to the wall of the pool. He gained confidence and life-saving skills."

-Garrett's mom

Before first lesson: ​"Timmy likes to swim with his life vest and is a little fish that way. His biggest issue with water is that he doesn't like to get his face wet..."

After second lesson: "Timmy is doing much better with getting his face wet. He jumped off the diving board today. Voluntarily getting his face wet is HUGE. It was awesome seeing him so excited to jump. He can't wait to show Richard his jump!"

-Timmy's dad

"Logan was SO excited and REALLY enjoyed the lesson with his swim coach."


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